Clay Plasters

Drawing from the techniques of ancient artisans, American Clay earth plasters create interior walls with a timeless beauty, texture and colour.
American Clay earth plasters can be applied to virtually any modern building surface with a few exceptions, please contact us for more details.

AmericanClay Loma is our original formulation. Like all our plasters, it softens up boxy rooms and adds a warm depth to your walls and ceilings.


Loma can be used to create a wonderful range of finished surfaces - from finely polished walls with beautiful depth and visual texture, to matte finishes, or if You like more rustic, textured walls Loma can be the product for you. Colours range from architectural gray to ocean blues to earthy reds and golds, blending with any style home. It is made from a variety of clays, aggregate, mineral pigments and a non-toxic mold inhibitor.

Loma is always used as the base (first) coat for all of our plasters, and may also be used as the final (second) coat to create a soft texture.

Delightfully soft and smooth to the touch, American Clay Porcelina is used to create the polished, marble-smooth wall surfaces that have been prized by artisans for centuries.


When trowel marks are left in the base or finish coat and then burnished, Porcelina creates walls with dramatic depth and movement — visual texture to compliment the plaster's silky feel. When several layers of color are interwoven and then waxed or soaped, this plaster will recreate the stunning look of the venetian plasters of Mediterranean and Italian villas. Porcelina is made of the same ingredients as Loma, with a finer aggregate, and is available in the same colors.

No sanding is require to achieve the "honed marble" smoothness — simply burnish Porcelina with a plastic trowel. Apply Porcelina over a base coat of American Clay Loma.

Inspired by Mediterranean and Carribean finishes, Marittimo brings the ocean's tranquility into your home. Sea shell aggregate gives a magnificent subtle speckle to Marittimo, adding depth to your walls.


This plaster feels like it has been polished with warm beeswax and is wonderful to touch. The same pigments used in Loma and Porcelina will appear a shade darker or grayer in Marittimo.

Marittimo goes over a base coat of Loma, and is as easy to apply as Loma. It is our most durable plaster, and costs a bit more per square metre than Loma and Porcelina. Made of a variety of clays, crushed sea shells, natural mineral pigments and a non-toxic mold inhibitor.

EnjarreTM (n-har-ray) is our newest single coat colour intergrated architectural coating designed to be applied up to 7mm thick in a single coat. EnjarreTM brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Natural Plasters.


Created to offer affordability for residential and commercial projects. Enjarre™has all the benifits of using a clay plaster and provides a unique option to homeowners, builders and Architects where they can choose to start with a single coat of colour intergrated plaster and later if they wish, can upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters, Loma, Porcelina or Marittimo.

Enjarre is available in the 43 standard colours in our range.

American Clay has released a pure high-calcium lime putty to be used in conjunction with our line of award-winning earth plasters – Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo, and Enjarre.


Clay plasters are a natural alternative to many wall-coverings available on the market, and have many benefits, including breathability, mold & mildew resistance, and humidity-buffering qualities. Why use lime with the clay? The addition of lime, either by mixing it with the clay plaster (called gauging) or diluting it with water and brushing it across a clay surface (lime wash) offers a variety of new features desired by some of our artisans. A clay surface treated with lime will be brighter in color, harder than without the addition of lime, and more resistant to water.

"American Clay just looks more and more beautiful as it ages with our building"

Dean Wearne - Lellman Wearne and Curragh, Charted Accountants.

A Commitment to
the Environment

A unique combination of natural clays, aggregates and pigments creates

colours and textures that make American Clay Earth Plasters a natural choice for unique beautiful walls.

American Clay earth plaster is a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum and acrylic plasters. It is compatible with the "breatheable" construction recommended for both historic and new buildings.

A Healthier More
Comfortable Home

  • Clay plaster naturally controls the interior climate by absorbing and releasing moisture in response to environmental changes.
  • Walls are warm to the touch in Winter and surprisingly cool in Summer.
  • Durable, dust free veneer plaster.
  • American Clay conatains NO VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Does not provide a "home" for mould growth.
  • No potentially harmful gases from petroleum-based additives or formaldehydes.
  • The natural movement of water vapors through clay plaster releases Negative Ions into your home. Negative Ions have been proven to evoke feelings of well being.